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Game Review: We Went Back (2020)

Toreador Rating 9/10

It was Saturday night. Having had a day of working on the computer, tidying around the house, and contending with the newfound spring heat, I was feeling a little slumped, but still in need of some gentle evening entertainment. I browsed through a selection of games, and finally came to the decision to play We Went Back (2020).

Developed by ‘DeadThreadGames’, of Salt Lake City: Utah, available for free download via STEAM, and taking approximately 60-90 minutes of playtime, We Went Back is a ‘time-looping horror’ set in an eerily abandoned space station. Awaking alone, it seems, one’s task is to find clues, solve the puzzle, and exit the station entrapped in. Being a big fan of sci-fi, horror, and puzzle systems, I had a feeling I had stumbled upon a little gold dust for my Saturday evening. But I had not been prepared for what a golden game this truly is!

And… I had also not prepared myself for the said advertised ‘horror’!

I recently played Observation (2019), which likewise has a stranded in a space alone theme, but rather the gamer is in control of ‘S.A.M.’, the station’s artificial intelligence. Though an equally impressive game, particularly for its unique form of character roleplay, and for the psychologically disturbing tricks (which can force one into choices not normally made), the few hours of floating about as an orb, or switching between station camera modes, had also been calming, despite the intense and gripping storyline.

So yes, as previously noted, ‘not prepared’!

Here I was, walking about the somewhat hypnotizing circular station, lured into serenity by the floating dust particles, the ambient lighting, the cool intricate drawings in the laboratory, and the caged rat, who being the only other living thing in sight becomes of quick sentiment (I’d named him Albert, Bertie for short), when all of a sudden…

Full on screaming at the computer screen.

My poor heart.

My sister, the unfortunate soul sat next to me, upon rubbing the temporary deafness from her ears, did have a good laugh about it, and then also admitted to having been freaked out!

I don’t want to give too much off what happens away, in fact that is all I’m going to give reveal, and I know it’s not a lot, but that’s because I really do want you take the time to try this game for yourselves. Enter mostly naïve, as I did, and it there’s no chance of disappointment. In truth, there was so much thought put into the finer details of the overall game that I’ll soon be reexploring the setting and atmosphere once more.

It really isn’t worth missing out on this space located, puzzle-orientated, horror fantastic! Great job to all those involved with the development. I wouldn’t hesitate for second at playing something like this again!


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