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Review & Reading: 'Selected Short Stories' of Guy De Maupassant

Hi everyone.

This post provides a link to my latest project... a review, reading, and accompanying cartoon, for the 'Selected Short Stories' of Guy De Maupassant.

It is the first video/podcast that I have made of this kind, and though it has taken a while to complete (mostly down to nerves of voice recording) I found the overall process enjoyable and hope that you find enjoyment from it too.

I plan in future episodes to feature themes such a romantic poetry, or horror fiction, or to again focus directly on a paticular authors or works, such as John Fowles, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, or the poetic pieces of Lord George Byron (my most favoured poet 🥰 ).

I am always happy to hear your thoughts and enter discussions, or indeed if you have recommendations of works for review I would be glad to hear of these too. Thanking you all for your interest.




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